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Cancer Legal Experts is a network of cancer clinicians representing all cancer sub-specialities in the United Kingdom,
able to act as medical expert witnesses, providing legal reports for cases relating to cancer care.

We are able to provide Medico-legal reports on causation of injuries, condition and prognosis from a delayed diagnosis of cancer, radiotherapy techniques and chemotherapy treatment and legal reports on other issues of medical negligence.

Our experts have acted as dedicated expert witnesses for both claimants and defendants and can prepare legal reports with a fast 30 day turnaround time.

Our Experts

The common cancers our experts write expert witness reports for include breast, urological, gynaecological, skin, gastro-intestinal, colorectal and head and neck.

In cases of delayed diagnosis of cancers, we can calculate tumour doubling times to accurately assess potential loss of life, as well as providing analysis of the prognosis of cancers and accurate actuarial survival for your patient.

As our experts are all consultant clinicians of some years practice, they also have experience of general surgery procedures and radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment. We are happy to provide unique clinical review options and pathways to ensure matters of substandard care can be identified quickly, or alternatively clinical learning can be developed to prevent recurrence of patient incidents to improve patient safety. We also have Radiologists and Pathologists specialising in cancer to provide expert witness reports in these specialties.


We provide opinions for provision of CPR compliant expert reports. Alternatively our experts can provide you a preliminary fixed fee investigation to look at early analysis of matters, including potential substandard care and determine at the earliest possible stage the basis for the claim, which helps expedite the conclusion of the complaint or claim.

As well as providing provision of CPR compliant reports, we also frequently attend medico-legal conferences and court. Further, we provide a service for trusts, to provide independent reviews and reports of clinical services.

Please contact us if you wish to receive any further information about any of the services we provide.

"Professor Bundred's reports are thorough, detailed, clear and concise and have assisted in the successful resolution of a number of highly complex litigation cases. He has an incredible ability to communicate complex areas of medicine in an understandable way to the non-medical audience"
Cian O'Carroll, Tipplaw Solicitors
“I want to thank Professor Bundred for his advice, which was outstanding and made a real difference”
Victoria Knight, Battens Solicitors

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